Bitcoin Mining: Easily Create Your Own Money

Bitcoin Mining: Easily Create Your Own Money

Bitcoin Mining: Easily Create Your Own Money

Bitcoin Mining is, in principle, nothing more than to equip your own computer with the function of a sheet music press. Only this does not print money but generates bitcoins. In principle, anyone can start with Bitcoin Mining, which has its own computer with internet connection. But to make sure the business with the money printing is really worth it, this should bring certain specifications with it.

Bitcoin mining generates so-called hashes, which form a block in a certain number. If such a block is completed, Bitcoin Miners are rewarded with Bitcoins. Currently, this reward is 50 bitcoins. This amount is halved once a total of 210,000 blocks have been generated. This is due to the fact that the maximum sum of Bitcoins is limited to 21 million. The more the current number of bitcoins approaches this sum, the less is the reward.

In order to run Bitcoin Mining, you need some programs, which create your own account with an address. Very important is the file wallet.dat, as this is so to speak your own purse and should be secured accordingly. A mining program is also required to start with the actual creation of bitcoins. There are several programs such as Phoenix, DiabloMiner or Guiminer.

Then the question arises whether you want to operate solo mining or pool mining. If you have an extra Bitcoin Mining optimized PC, you could try solo mining. Optimized in this case means that above all a high GPU performance must be present, since the creation of new hashes above all the graphics card. Otherwise, pool mining is recommended because the bundled computing power of several subscribers allows Bitcoins to be generated faster, which means that a continuous cash flow can be generated. In this case, the login is required for a pool.

Bitcoin Mining can be a lucrative matter for the user if the computer’s performance has been optimally optimized. Who wants to operate the mining professional, but need an appropriate computer with which can efficiently perform the calculations, so that electricity costs and revenue in an acceptable ratio to each other

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