About Charity Mining Pools

About Charity Mining Pools

About Charity Mining Pools

Who Are We?

Charity Mining Pools was created to allow miners the ability to mine coins while still knowing that their hashing power is going towards something good. Our goal is to provide a positive and reliable service while delivering a small portion of the proceeds to a deserving recipient. Plans are in the works to allow individual miners to choose where they would like to donate to based on a pool of available recipients.

How Does This Work?

All coins minded at CharityMiningPools will require a mandatory Donation fee. This donation fee will be collected and donated to the designated charitable recipient for that given month. Though we only require a minimum Donation fee, we welcome and encourage our miners to raise the stakes and donate more to a good cause.

What Are the Pool Fees?

We do charge a small 0.5% pool fee for each miner to help cover the cost of operating. Running a pool is unfortunately not a cheap expense and in order to deliver a secure and safe environment, several components need to be put in place. Sure someone could bring up a pool on a single server, but no redundancy or load balancing would be present. Currently, CharityMiningPools is configured and running in a 8 server farm. We hope this will provide a stable experience for all miners.

How Do I Know My Account Is Safe?

Though it’s impossible to 100% guarantee against attacks, we can provide assurance that our infrastructure is built with complete redundancy, failover, and load balancing in mind. Frequent backups of our databases ensure we will have a good copy on hand at all times in the event that our data is compromised. Server images are taken frequently as well to provide a quick disaster recovery solution. We also have several tiers of security in place to help prevent against DDOS and unauthorized access.

Email confirmations are required for all accounts to make any changes to your account including wallet addresses, email, pin, etc. If you have been in the mining world for any period of time, you will know that this is a must as there have been several sites that had unauthorized changes to their miner’s accounts.

Automatic Payouts should be configured and used for all miners. I cannot stress enough how important this is. We at CharityMiningPools cannot and will not be held responsible for any lost or misdirected coins. We provide means for all of our miners to automatically transfer their mined coins to a safe and offline wallet and this should be used.

Will there be more Coin options in the future?

Absolutely! More coins are to come. We plan in the future to allow our existing miners to vote on what they would like added.

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